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Discgo Charger


ta-9580 discgo-charger charge-dock 1Discgo Charger is the first of its kind, a portable mobile phone charger designed for hospitality. Users can charge their phones without being tethered to a wall outlet or charging station. Discgo brings a charge to the phone, allowing users to move freely around any venue. Now your guests can charge up while continuing to eat in your restaurant, meeting clients in the lobby, attending session in the conference space or enjoying themselves in the entertainment area.
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Discgo Charger Description

Flexible for most environments, the Discgo Charger is ideal for; Events & festivals, Casinos, Conferences, Member & Private clubs, Corporate concierge, Pool Side charging, hotel lobbys, Restaurants and Bars. Discgo Pucks can be easily branded & customised through the twisted cap, allowing you to promote effortlessly. The free Discgo App allows potential customers to find you as well as advertise your on-premise promotions in the App, giving customers another reason to make their way to your venue.


  1. A robust mobile phone charger that allows users to keep their phones on them and charging.
  2. Each Discgo Charging disc has 2 unique cable ports for charging two phones simeltaneously.
  3. Each fully charged puck can charge up to 5 phones from 0 - 100% before the battery runs out.
  4. The Puck itself takes 40 minutes to fully charge.
  5. The patented recharge ring means that pucks can be placed into the charging bay in any position and they will still charge.
  6. Great revenue opportunity, you can provide power in flexible enviroments with no need to plug in.
  7. Brandable.
  8. Water Resistant.

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